New Beginnings


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New Beginnings
Earth pony
Soo some of you used to know me... ItzKrystalFox<br />
I have changed so im not quitting here I just am not a super big fan of this website anymore. I know I used to post here a lot, but people change their interests, Im basically saying now Im older so i might not post here a lot, Because im not a big fan of MlP anymore, now im into like, Undertale, DDLC, like gaming and stuff. so my point is, dont yell at me for not posting here, because i will not post as often, just dont yell at me Okay? Also I want to apologize for when i was active for taking people copying my skins very seriously, Back then I was young and stupid so i took it very seriously, Now idc if you take my skins, if it helps you make skins then go for it.<br />
Btw this skin doesnt have a cutie mark coz its my Oc thats a fox human (Neko?)

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