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Yandere Chan
Yandere-chan's official first name will either be Ayano, Ayane, or Ayana, as YandereDev would like to have her name include "yan" in it somewhere. YandereDev is currently leaning towards Ayano because there are fewer Google searches for that name. Yandere-chan is, as her name suggests, a yandere; one who will go to any lengths, even murder, for her love. She suffers from a fictional type of insanity. Her behavior does not perfectly match the definition of either a sociopath or psychopath, but she is capable of actions that only a psychopath would consider taking.

In the first intro cutscene, Yandere-chan was not inherently a yandere; she was coaxed into it by Info-chan and was apprehensive of the idea of killing another person. She was just a lovesick schoolgirl who wanted a boyfriend. She didn't even seem to consider killing Osana before Info-chan brought it up. This personality, however, is outdated and is stated by YandereDev himself that it does not correctly characterize Yandere-chan's true nature.

In the second intro, Yandere-chan is instead very emotionless, apathetic, and speaks with a deadpan expression. She had been this way since as far back as she could remember, before meeting Senpai for the first time. She would do anything to prevent people from getting with Senpai, even if it meant killing them; Yandere-chan does not have the ability to feel emotions, empathy, or remorse. She does not feel guilt or shame for harming others. She knows what the general people consider to be "wrong", but she just doesn't care.

Overall, Yandere-chan is a blank slate whose personality is determined by the player's actions and choices, but all Yandere-chans have the capacity to commit each of the possible actions in the game.

Yandere-chan's "hobby" is trying to convince everyone around her that she's just a normal girl. She buys manga, plays video games, and rides a bike to project the image of a normal girl. However, she does not enjoy any of it. She isn't incredibly talkative by default and will only speak when necessary.

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