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Earth pony
Hey everyone! Ive been on this website for a while now. I dont want to leave without any context so this is just my "Im Quitting" message<br />
Most likely no one cares about this but I just want to make this because I feel bad that i kind of just, disappeared. <br />
I also wanted to make this because the skin before this had something like an apology for being just--- stupid as a child and over reacting because someone took a skin. Im over it obviously now but I want to give a sincere apology for being so immature. <br />
Im truly sorry for being immature and over reacting to something that isnt even a big deal. I was young and dumb and was just.. being childish. <br />
I know that no one actually cares about this but as i said before, i dont want to leave out of context. <br />
But thats about all I have to say.<br />
Edit: Im looking at my profile a bit to read some comments and I feel really really bad. there is a lovely user, im not sure if they are on this site anymore, but in one of my childish "Stop copying my skins!!!!!!!!!" post, they commented that they would recommend my skins and would do anything for me on this site and now I feel really really bad. if fauo is still on this site and is reading this. Im truly, very sorry, for just... attacking you. I really am...


if someone actually cares about this and would like to still I guess... know that im okay...?<br />
I have an Instagram, Wattpad and Amino that you can follow me on!<br />
Instagram: _Acethetically_<br />
Wattpad: Acethetically_<br />
Amino: Acethetically<br />
Thats it everyone! <br />
I hope all of you are living your best lives and I hope that you are all happy!!<br />
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