Angry Twiggy


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Angry Twiggy
Twiggy: Dad! You're too over-protective! Branch: I have to over-protective! I don't want to loose the ponies I care about the most, like I did with grandma. Sticky: You never told us about great-grandma. What happend to her? Branch: I don't want to talk about it. Twiggy: Even I want to know! I am the older sibling after all! Branch: Fine, I'll tell you. I was about Sticky's age when it happend. A Bergen attacked us because of me singing, and grandma pushed out of the way to protect me, but she got taken by the Bergen instead. So, that's what happend to her. Twiggy: The Bergen's weren't nice to us in the past? Branch: Indeed, they were not. They wanted to eat us to be happy, so since grandma got taken by one, they probably ate her. Sticky: Rest in peace great-grandma. Twiggy: Dad, I'm sorry! I didn't know. Branch: It's okay, Twiggy. You didn't know, so it's ok. But, now you know. Caco: *walks over to them* Wow, you witnessed that? My mom got eaten by Bergen Chef. And soon after, so did dad. So, I know how it feels to witness a family member's death. Branch: Wait, Creek's dead? Caco: *nods head* Twiggy: That's why I started dating him. He got lonely after witnessing his parents deaths, so I felt bad for him.
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