Surprised Raboot


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Surprised Raboot
Earth pony
Raboot: What?! You're telling me to leave? I've made so many friends here, and you're telling me to leave them behind?! Shinco: Raboot, it's not safe for you here! Especially since one of your friends is a Water type! And Fire types and Water types never go together! Raboot: Oh, yeah? Well, tell that to Volcanion! Grookey: Raboot does have a point! Volcanion is a Fire-Water type! Shinco: Ok, you've got a point there! But I don't see a Volcanion anywhere! Drizzile: Cool it, dude! Or I'll cool you myself! Shinco: You wanna take me on? Ha! I don't think you can win! Drizzile: You have forgotten that I'm a Water type! Shinco: '-' Oh, I did forget about that. Me: We're cheering you on, Driz! Drizzile: If I win, Raboot stays with us. Shinco: And if I win? Drizzile: Then we'll let you and Raboot leave. Shinco: Deal! [After the battle] Shinco: *gets knocked out* Drizzile: And the win goes to me! Shinco: *gets up* Ok, you win! Raboot can stay! But you better never hurt my cousin again! Drizzile: I had amnesia at the time I hurt him, so I'm not doing it again! Shinco: *leaves* Me: *thinks of a plan to save Branch, which is to transfer his soul into his robot body, and calls Haunter to help*
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