Tender Hoof


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Tender Hoof
Kind and caring, she's at an equal match to Fluttershy's tender nature. Tender Hoof, as her name suggests, is a very loving, generous pony who will lend a helping hoof to anyone needing aid. Born a unicorn, she uses magic to help others mostly, but it more used to using her hooves.

She started life out born in Canterlot with two Unicorn parents. Throughout her life, she has always been caring and sweet. Being born under a full moon night was always said to bring about misfortune upon any newborn foal, however, Tender Hoof stands in contrast to that. At school, she maintained high grades and assisted the nurses at treating things from playground injuries to mishaps in lab. She got her cutie mark after treating a bully who picked on her and her friends when he burned himself on a Bunsen Burner. (If you cannot see what is it, it's a horseshoe with a heart in the gap).

From elementary, to junior high, throughout high school and even in her college years, Tender Hoof has always been her own namesake. When she came of age, her temperament had risen from childish care to maternal tenderness. She now works as a nurse and a part-time care taker, ranging from jobs from daycare to baby sitting. Loyal, loving and always seems to stand out, she's the mare to go to if you need care.
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