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SCP-912 consists of several items of police-issue body armour, clothing and equipment that together form a discrete entity capable of independent movement and action. Both the method by which this ability has been acquired and means by which it is achieved have yet to be identified. The elements that comprise SCP-912 conform to the standards of uniform worn by the ██PD SWAT as of ██/20██ (the approximate date of acquisition). Uniform elements float in mid-air as though worn by a man or woman around 185 cm (6'1") in height, but no such presence can be detected. SCP-912 does not directly respond to communication attempts, but will follow simple orders in English given by personnel wearing the uniform of an officer of the ██PD.

SCP-912 consists of the following:

One dark gray ██PD ballistic helmet with transparent face-protecting visor.
One black Nomex® tactical balaclava from unknown manufacturer.
One set navy blue ██PD ████████ Tactical Body Armor from ███████ Armor, Ltd. SWAT insignia printed upon front and back.
Includes several ammo/grenade/storage pouches (all apparently empty, though SCP-912 resists inspection).
One pouch contains "PlastiCuff" restraints. Supply seems to remain constant regardless of "arrests" made.
One pair of black knee pads from ██████ Armor Ltd.
One pair of black elbow pads from ██████ Armor Ltd.
One pair of █████-███ steel toe-capped combat boots from unknown manufacturer.
One pair of black combat gloves by ███ Armor Ltd.
Closed and fastened pistol holster suitable for a mid-sized sidearm from unknown manufacturer.
One 53 cm (21 in) telescopic steel baton. Handle is apparently made from hardened plastic with a textured grip.
In its default state, SCP-912 has been assessed to pose no hazard to health, security or risk of escape when handled in accordance with SCP-912-002A and SCP-912-002B.

If given the command "Arrest <subject>" by a person wearing the uniform of the &#9608;&#9608;PD, or in the event that SCP-912 detects an armed individual or individuals within its visual radius, it will commence “arrest” behaviour. SCP-912 will attempt to disarm and restrain the subject upon the ground, then secure their arms behind their back using a pair of PlastiCuffs. The force used in the process of this "arrest" greatly exceeds &#9608;&#9608;PD SWAT guidelines and statutory procedures. SCP-912 frequently inflicts injury to the neck, shoulder and arms of the arrested individual due to apparent unawareness or indifference to the mechanical limitations of human anatomy. Resistance on the behalf of the individual being "arrested" causes a corresponding increase in force until cessation.

SCP-912 will attack should it detect threatening or hostile behaviour towards itself or an individual wearing the uniform of the &#9608;&#9608;PD. SCP-912 deploys its telescopic steel baton and approaches the nearest armed subject at an average speed of 5 km/h. If the armed subject drops the weapon and ceases threatening behaviour before SCP-912 moves into combat range, the normal "arrest" procedure will be initiated. If the subject initiates hostile action or is still holding the weapon when SCP-912 enters combat range, SCP-912 will strike powerful blows at the head and upper arms of the subject for up to a minute after the subject loses consciousness. Once all armed subjects are subdued, "arrest" behaviour proceeds as normal.

SCP-912 considers the following to be weapons and will initiate attack behaviour upon sight: firearms; bladed weapons (including kitchen knives longer than 10 cm (4 in) in length); batons, clubs and similar blunt instruments; tazers and pepper spray; [REDACTED]; and "joy" buzzers.

SCP-912 will initiate attack behaviour when the following are used in a "threatening" manner: power and hand tools; knotted rope; lengths of chain; brass knuckles; sports equipment (e.g. baseball bat, golf club); clipboard.

SCP-912 only permits an individual it has "arrested" to be removed from its presence by a person wearing the uniform of the &#9608;&#9608;PD. An individual wearing the appropriate uniform is not detained by SCP-912 regardless of armament, except where physical aggression is shown towards another subject wearing &#9608;&#9608;PD uniform. SCP-912 does not react to hostile actions by &#9608;&#9608;PD uniformed personnel towards non-uniformed victims and does not react to hostile actions between unarmed individuals not wearing &#9608;&#9608;PD uniform, regardless of injuries sustained.

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